My journey as the head girl 2018-19


I’ve experienced a great deal of challenges and achievements in Riverdale. I am extremely privileged to hold the esteem position of the head girl of the School and to hold high the glorious flag of the institution. Being a leader I’ll serve with my best so that our School can achieve greatest height.

This is the great place to where the students get help and correct guidance in every aspect of their life. This campus has provided a wide platform for the students to accomplish their dream and to move ahead on the track of success to achieve their goals. It has provided unlimited opportunities for the students in order to identify and expose their hidden talents.

As being a head girl from the students side its my motive to help others with my commitment and determination so that all the students can achieve best of their ability.

I’ll be failing in my duty if I don’t express my gratitude to the management, my teachers for encouragement and my colleagues for their support.

I owe my heart full thanks to all of them.

Thank you,
Yashita Dhillon
Head Girl (2018-19)
Riverdale International School

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