Office Staff
Mr.s. Parmeen Kaur PRINCIPAL 8/26/1978 4/1/2001 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Inderjit Kaur V. PRINCIPAL 12/12/1968 7/4/2012 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Saurabh Mishra PGT (Comp. Sc) 12/11/1974 10/9/2007 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Shweta Suri PGT (Acc.) 8/27/1982 3/8/2007 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Vishal Kumar PGT (Maths) 9/10/1988 8/13/2013 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Faisal Samar PET 3/29/1988 9/5/2011 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Rita Vashisht PGT (Eng) 5/15/1967 9/3/2012 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Geeta Bansal TGT 2/4/1992 7/4/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Shilpy Kamboj TGT 9/7/1985 4/3/2013 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. D. P. Gaur TGT 10/1/1960 4/4/2004 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Abha Vema TGT 12/19/1966 7/2/2007 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Hitender Arya TGT 9/2/1970 4/4/2011 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar TGT 1/8/1982 4/3/2013 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Smiti Talwar TGT 5/10/1985 4/23/2009 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Sugandha Sharma TGT 12/3/1993 7/2/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Deepraj Kaur TGT 12/21/1991 4/11/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Neelam Singh TGT 9/30/1976 4/4/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Prabha Singh Bisht TGT 10/22/1956 7/1/2001 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.. Royal Kumar Pathak TGT 25/07/1987 4/4/2016 TRAINED PROBATION
Mr. Zuhev Ajaz Khan TGT 9/4/1982 4/6/2015 TRAINED PROBATION
Mr.s. Parveen Vinaik TGT 9/25/1963 7/2/2003 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Pallvi Joshi TGT 9/26/1986 7/4/2012 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Navneet Kaur PRT 8/4/1987 2//7/2015 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Neha Sharma TGT 4/5/1988 12/10/2015 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Mr.s. Manpreet Kaur Sohal TGT 5/5/1972 7/12/2015 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Shweta Mainali PRT 2/19/1988 4/2/2001 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Pratima Sharma PRT 11/28/1988 4/4/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mohd. Nafis LIBRARIAN 6/1/1974 7/1/2001 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Jasdeep Kaur PRT 3/6/1974 9/2/2004 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Manpreet Kaur PRT 1/27/1992 7/9/2012 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Ramneek Kaur PRT 1/21/1990 7/15/2013 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Preeti Mishra PRT 2/28/1977 8/1/2017 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Amanpreet Kaur PRT 9/29/1989 7/4/2011 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Taranjeet Kaur PRT 5/16/1992 5/16/2013 UNTRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Anureet Kaur PRT 1/1/1992 8/13/2012 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Nidhi Joshi PRT 5/1/1990 4/4/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Shabnam Khan PRT 2/17/1984 4/4/2014 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Ms. Shweta Sarna PRT 5/7/1984 7/12/2014 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Dilshrad Sandhu PRT 7/2/1991 4/6/2014 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Archana Shukla TGT 5-Jun-77 3-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Divya Bedi PRT 24-Dec-96 18-Jul-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Harpreet Kaur PRT 1-Sep-85 1-Oct-16 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Harpreet Kaur Gummber PRT 7-Jun-91 3-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Jyoti Joshi PRT 2-Oct-76 17-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Mr.s. Mr.inali Jain MUSIC 1-Jan-82 3-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Navjot Kaur Sohi TGT 5-Oct-94 4-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Ramneek Kaur Jaspal PRT 17-Sep-96 10-Jul-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Ravneet Kaur TGT 26-Dec-93 3-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Richa Singhal TGT 7-Apr-80 11-Jul-16 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Royal Kumar Pathak TGT 25-Jul-87 4-Apr-16 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Sandeep Kaur Hundal PRT 5-Aug-87 12-Oct-16 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Shafiya Parveen PGT 5-Feb-92 28-Feb-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Subuhi Khan PRT 4-Feb-93 6-Apr-15 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr.s. Vaishali Sharma PRT 14-May-84 4-Apr-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Mr. Vipin Chandra Joshi TGT 21-Nov-60 3-Jul-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Amarjeet Kaur Bhatti PRT 12-Jan-92 3-May-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Astha Sharma PRT 18-Apr-93 3-Apr-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Gunjan Joshi PRT 20-Jun-91 4-Apr-16 TRAINED CONFIRMED
Mr. Pradeep Singh Parmar PET 20-Jun-85 24-Apr-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Ms. Samarjit Kaur PRT 18-Jan-82 11-Sep-17 TRAINED PROBATION
Mr. Ashok Kumar  PGT(Phy) 12-Jul-91 4-Oct-17 UNTRAINED PROBATION

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